The Church

February 25, 2022

 For my best friend Kasia 

 You could say there’s a difficult streak in all of us, and mine would certainly be: - my unrestrained desire to pull away from all things ‘popular culture’. Being naturally attracted to the weird and wonderful, if you’ve followed my stories so far, you may or may not be surprised to find that my new interested is church…  Because lets face it, if folk are running away from churches in their droves, then I’m headed straight for a service near you…  In search of the lost and forgotten riches that most have left behind. 

 In a recent visit to St Andrew’s Holborn: - a Catholic / CoE crossover known as, 'high church', I was captivated by Saturday Mass; an orthodox service of celestial beauty. The strange dress of the Ministers in golden capes and medallions, each word melodiously chanted. The ritual spreading of incense circling the congregation, even the long slim candles appeared so stunningly pretty in their delicate simplicity. Everything glittered in twinkley light … I was surprised however, at how soon my experience began to bore and alas I failed to last even the hour out. 

 As a firm believer in energy work and energy transformation through ritualistic practice, despite my reverences, l decided to leave that service early. I am just a casualty of modern day society and the desires of my meddlesome mind had given way to the promise of dinner, conversation, and checking my phone ‘ya’, all of which were demanding my immediate attention…. Praise be to modern technology, because life has never been so good. Moving from discipline into decadence in just a few decades, much time can now be spent luxuriating in the pleasures of modern technology and it’s social interfaces. In fact it is these technological advancements that are considered to be the very pinnacle of progressive societal success… but at what cost?

Now science-based reasoning has taken centre stage, it has never been easier to dismiss spirituality. After all, there is no logical argument to be had. But can millions of people believe in nothing? Can we ridicule folk as being brainwashed or gullible? Well, I refuse. The question is, for what reasons have spiritual practices stood the test of time, far reaching in strength and influence over the millennia. Have folk simply been stuck in a spiritual dictatorship? 

Historically, religious doctrine has been a poor show with centralised buildings of worship lording much power over the people. This is the problem with buildings, they are owned and in doing so have assumed the seat of power. And who can be fit to represent those holy places? Surely no man is capable of representing the supreme divine… So far I’ve not been proved far wrong. Corruption exists everywhere, in every establishment, and institution, the holy and the profane. It’s clear to see how control and fear have been used to cover up corrupt practices and much resentment still exists today.

As we traverse our way through life’s path, our call for guidance can take many forms. Some folk respond to the voice of leadership and authority, others will fall into trends and culture; but some will take a more inward path, following their own heart-felt intuition.  Ultimately it can only be in the heart connection to the divine that will transcend the mortal errors of any rabbi or imam, minister or monk: - in its true and lasting state, through the portal of the heart.

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