The Light and Sound Experience Part 1: - Sound

December 19, 2023

 Mind your P’s and Q’s

Are manners anything more than an outdated British custom of social airs and graces, for fear of upsetting the other? 

 Manners have for many years ruled the behaviours of the civilised British gentry, with records dating as far back as the early 18th century. Over time, these customs have trickled down from, ‘on-high’, and form the profoundly ingrained set of etiquacies; that make up the backbone of our social interactions today. From forming orderly queues, to quite literally begging for pardon: - manners seem to have found their own way of tidying up the world in which we live.

As the radicals and anarchists, the liberals and freedom fighters began to philosophise about life and its loves, the confusion for many lies in the rational of it all. For instance, does it really make sense to excuse ourselves, or to limit the freedom for self-expression; for exhibiting mere natural behaviours? I mean, if folk want to get offended, that’s their problem, right? 

I’ve travelled to distant countries, where the idea of manners, really have felt like a long way from home. I’ve been pushed out of the way by grandmothers and grandchildren alike, almost sat on, on top of buses and experienced the total non-existence of customer service at the best of times… and I can say, it felt bloody annoying. Indeed, nothing made me appreciate more, the stiff, uptight, and people pleasing ways of life back in Britain.

In this muddle of inter-cultural, personal, and eccentric behaviours, we can’t, by any means, control what fancies folk might perceive to find annoying. But manners appear to be less about the perceptions of the afflicted and more about the righteous and careful consideration in which we choose to move about and respond to in this world. When we hear an unwelcome noise, or are ruffled up the wrong way, there is nothing quite like the sounds of a sincere apology, to help clear the tension in the air. Words and sounds quite literally carry energy, with the rarefaction and compression of air molecules emanating first through a mechanical vibration. When we speak, energy is departing the vocal chords of one person and headed straight for the eardrums of another! In this way sound is a process of energy transfer, and the absorption of this energy into something or someone else. 

The aristocracy didn’t just make a point of speaking to each other nicely, they also had a thing called finishing school.  They determined that how we carry ourselves and the development of a gentile character, would be a pretty darn important asset to cultivate in life. Just ask a magician whether words carry power and you will soon find out. Sounds can certainly invoke feelings in the recipient, and in turn sounds are released in accordance to the feelings of the originator. So is it possible that the energies of our emotions are being carried with these words too?

From the way that we speak to each other, to the utterances that make up the mudra of our personal being, how we hold ourselves determines the energies that emanate. Manners are a form of awareness and respect, they are the all-encompassing expression of ‘seeing God in everything and everyone’, to take that ultimate reverence for the divine and to apply it to all others.

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