I am writing this blog for all the young women. For those who grew up reading adventure stories, for those who hold big dreams and visions and for those who have the bravest hearts of all.  

I became inspired not so long ago when I spent some months living on an environmental/political protest camp. Over time I found that from the different types of supporters we would have, young women were least likely to show interest. I have wondered long and hard about this disparity and while I don’t want to blame our modern-day culture of beauty magazines, celebrity and social media distractions, worryingly there just seems to be other things dominating the lives of young women today.

My blog is mainly made up of articles I have written/published which tell a story of the journey I am on… and it all started in the autumn of 2017. After watching ‘too much’ Game of Thrones, I packed a bag and set off. Here you will find tales of social justice, comradery of community and personal transformation which I hope you will find useful.