End of Days

August 07, 2023

 In the end times of prophetic lore, we will do as they say and not as they do. Hypocrisy will be found in all societal teachings, from governments to religion. Good will be bad and right will become wrong.

when you're a vegan and haven't told anyone in 8 minutes

I attended a talk once, from a well-known spiritual movement. The subject being the vegan diet as oppose to the correct vegetarian one and basically how our dear vegan friends had got it all wrong. Because what those vegans fail to realise, is that not a day goes by without every one of us causing the deaths of millions of living creatures aka bacteria: - when we do things like boil water, cook food or clean up. So the grand vegan principle falls down because we all kill, all day long! In order to live there must be death… or something like that: - it was actually quite a long time ago and I’ve slept a lot since then. 

And I do honestly quite get what the dude was saying. Eastern theology teaches that death is part of life, in fact it enables life. And life is merely a karmic pact that we have made with ourselves in order to learn lessons and advance on the great wheel of birth and rebirth. Lifetime after lifetime, until we transcend the senses and eventually perfect our individual human consciousness, known as reaching enlightenment.

Living creatures and plants are all made up of food and in the pecking order of life, a great number will end up on someone else’s plate! And that’s just the natural order of the universe. It is this same principle of factual dispassion that is fundamental to the spiritual approach to vegetarianism, a diet for the sole benefit of maintaining purity of body and mind. Because nothing gets in the way of god consciousness that connecting to the deep emotional sympathies of animal suffering, especially when were trying hard to maintain a cool detachment from the miseries of this worldly plane. 


Historically, the intellect is often viewed as being vastly superior to the emotional sphere, and much of our cultural and societal experiences have stemmed largely from this traditional patriarchal form of decision making. The intellect and feeling are largely different tools but both equally as valuable and invaluable together. Without this balance there has been much evidence in our history that has seen categoric failings in the morality of mankind… If humans are capable of great compassion then we must use it. 

When we delve and dissect into the realms of intellectual superiority, the truth is we can make a case for any argument. Any narrative divulged in complex philosophical thought, can argue that black is white and white is black; where over thinking becomes over complicated, even to the point where we can no longer determine what is right or wrong. But at the end of the day a wise man once said... only believe half of what you read and if something is obviously right – then do it.

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