The Age of Aquarius is Nigh

February 17, 2023

 Get ready people, the ‘Age of Aquarius’ is upon us! “Is this the biggest shift in planetary consciousness the New World has been waiting for”, I hear you cry? Well, the astrologers certainly think so. Because starting on the 23rd of March 2023, Pluto will be moving from Capricorn into the interstellar constellation of Aquarius for the first time since 1777. It will be a rocky ride to start with, as Pluto retrogrades back and forth with Capricorn for eighteen months. But after this play, he will finally move direct on the 19th of November 2024, making himself comfortably at home for the next 20 years. 

So what exactly is the buzz all about then? Believe it or not, astrology is the very complicated and ancient language of the gods, lending itself far beyond the every day ‘jibber jabber’ of, “what star sign are you then”. Some enthusiasts will go as far as to call it a science, but put simply, the long awaited ‘Age of Aquarius; is known as “the heralding of unity consciousness for the human race.”
In a nut-shell, here’s why: - Pluto, tiny but mighty.. He’s up to the material and structural transformation of whatever he can get his hands on. Lord of the underworld, his is a game of destruction, growth and rebirth. When Pluto is in Capricorn (the sign of authority and ‘top down’ rigid power structure) many will interpret this is as a union that signifies the breaking down of an old order of governmental and monarchical power structures.

 Now this news is almost ‘old hat’, because the supposed governmental/societal breakdown has in theory been going on for the past three years, since the time of the ‘Saturn – Pluto’ conjunction in February 2020 (never mind about the Saturn – Pluto conjunction, that’s another story). But all we need to know is that Pluto is leaving Capricorn for Aquarius and things are about to shift once more.
Aquarius is the humanitarian sign of community and connection, the bearer of nourishment to the earth and the bringer of ‘unification of the people’. So when Pluto is in Aquarius, it is hoped we will begin to see the dramatic ending of the old draconian ways and the new beginnings of a deep transformation of mankind; to create a fairer more unity consciousness society for all.

Does this sound good? Well, like all things, all that is good is very very good and all that is bad is horrid. Remember, the success of mankind has never been guaranteed and equally, there is a darkness here that is vying for its chances. Because Aquarius too, can operate outside of its power, representing the cold, distant, detached and the impersonal. Could the Aquarian future that we ‘haven’t’ been waiting for, be heralding the dystopia of unstoppable AI intelligence and the relentless rise of the robotic race?  

The planets are aligning to provide fertile ground for Aquarian energy to steer the course of humanity in the direction of planetary progress. But let that direction be in the spiritual and humanitarian advancement of the world we want to live in. There have been a few different schools of thought on how this might be achieved. Have you heard that photonic light codes are raining down upon us, effortlessly upgrading our DNA to transform us into the superior beings of the ‘5D’ assention? (the fifth dimension, haven’t you heard). But I am inclined to disagree. I believe it is only in the collective efforts of our, ‘coming together’ that we will finally steer humanity towards it’s righteous path in human history. Like all things on the earthly plane, it is only in our efforts that will determine the likelihood of our earthly successes.

So let us hit the ground running, riding high into this new Aquarian energy! We are on the threshold of a great battle, and there are two directions which we could turn. The cold and remote hard edge of dystopian technological advancement, or the bringing together of people and community for a new harmonious and prosperous earth.

How will we achieve our goals?

Remember that the time of the lone wolf is over. Rely on community not the crumbling state. Join a local community group or try founding a helpful support group for your own area.

The move from ego centric to group centred is the key. Perhaps you will be more driven to start a community interest company or charity instead of a business – these are very good signs. Think group or community platform instead of personal promotion: - Where, ‘I, me, mine’ is replaced by ‘we, us and our’.

Share resources. There are various online platforms for this, from lending out your power tools or giving away or collecting unwanted items. Do you need to buy new or could you reuse, recycle or refurbish?

Know where your food is. Food is our most valuable resource, grow whatever you can, from obtaining an allotment plot to potted herbs on your kitchen windowsill. Swap surplus crops and support your local farms. Don’t feel guilty to use supermarket surplus or food banks, these enterprises can also waste tonnes of produce and their services are often available to all of us.

Take wellbeing into your own hands. Eat better, drink better and exercise better, your mental and physical health is your real wealth. And please remember don’t try to take on the world, nothing changes if no one changes and every endeavour begins at home.