Hope for Humanity - Part II

December 18, 2021


A few years ago I was holiday-ing with family in India, when one morning I saw that a line of ants had made their way into the kitchen sink, to dine inside a sticky glass. I had wanted to clean those dishes, but since I’m fond of ants, I put the glass aside hoping they would make there own way out again. My brother in-law however was not of the same understanding and gave me his, "don’t be so ridiculous (yo crazy sister in-law) they’re just ants" talk. So of course I backed down and retreated into the living room to sulk. But the more I thought about it, the more I became certain that something had just happened that ‘I’ actually considered bonkers. It wasn’t my brother in-laws attitude, but it was the attitude of a society where killing has become so normalised it looks upon the ‘sane’ person as the one who disregards life, and the crazy person as the one who cares! They’re not just ants, they ‘ARE’ ants and they have a right to life.

Two years later, I can now write about the significance of that incident, ‘the ants incident’. Because it’s only now in the unfolding of our current experiences that this disconnect between the understanding of energy consciousness and the view that all life is sacred, is fast becoming our most painful undoing.


When I wrote Hope for Humanity, I used to think that the global elitists likened us common folk to animals; enslaved and monitored, abused and imposed upon. But it was worse, we are viewed with the coldest disregard of the most unsophisticated and unnecessary nuisance of little more than an insect.  What ever it is we’re thinking (or not thinking) about our fellow multi-legged beasties, some big rich guy with a ‘superiority complex’ is thinking about us. But can really we blame the global elitists for feeling superior when it is merely our human societal conditioning that teaches us to view ourselves as separate? Would a society that considered life as sacred go to war over land? Would we keep animals in factory farms, would we use pesticide or herbicide on our lands? We have all been taught to view our place on this planet within an intellectual order and the disconnect of modern society from its source can be experienced all around.

Everything alive will one day die, from plant to insect to animal, it is the cycle of life. And actually even the most humble vegan would agree that life ‘needs’ to be taken, as is only life that sustains life. Sometimes we might step on an ant without knowing, or we even sterilise a babies bottle - killing millions of bacteria and we can not say that is wrong. But what we can say is that it is in the attitude and circumstance that life is taken that really matters. When we take life through cruelty and not compassion, through greed and not necessity or with disregard and not respect, we cultivate a culture and an energy which devalues and degrades the very sanctity of life to which we are not separate. After all, we might not want to live in a world of ants any more than the global elitists want to live in a world of the common free folk.

In our experience of the collective consciousness it is only in the cultivation of compassion and in the honour of all life however small, that will cause our changing experience. Insects will be killed as we go about life and thats just the way it is, we’re so big! But let us also be big hearted because our power is in our love. Let us stop valuing one life over another in dismissive disregard to inferiority of intellect. By cultivating the attitude of compassion, avoiding unnecessary harm and consciously giving thanks for the life we take, the energy we create will be the positive change we will see in this world.
Later on in the kitchen… I noticed that my brother in-law had in the end left the ants and the washing up aside… and the ants were escaping nicely. Champ. 💓

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