Local Elections

October 04, 2018

Johnathon Bartley (coleader of the Green Party) visits the camp, describing HS2 as ‘environmental vandalism’.

For the past seven years, HS2 has blighted local communities threatening to destroy homes, businesses and quality of life.  Over the years, countless local residents have come together to oppose HS2, but sadly in mid-2017, the project was granted Royal Assent and for many marked the end of a long and heart-breaking battle.
Hillingdon Green Party members were amongst those who had tirelessly campaigned. With their combined efforts taking them from the select committee review to giving evidence in the House of Lords. After exhausting these democratic processes, they have now moved to the front line at the Harefield Wildlife Protection Camp on Harvil Road, where they are recording and reporting environmental and construction concerns on a daily basis. And so far, they’ve been pretty successful at it, finding evidence of environmental mismanagement, directly resulting in a HS2 planning application being denied.
The Green Party had recently focusing their efforts in winning seats in the Council Elections, believing it to be an area where much more could be done. With Hillingdon Council now acting as an authorising authority with HS2, they believe measures needed to be put in place to protects residents from inevitable budgets cuts and project delays and green councillors would be sure to have brought in a much-needed balanced view to these decisions. 

The Green Party put in a commendable effort to this election campaign, with a record-breaking number of candidates running throughout the wards. Special emphasis was on Harefield and other areas greatly affected, but despite their tough campaign they failed to break the Tory stronghold. 
Sofia kazi, resident at the Wildlife Protection Camp and Ickenham candidate says 'The disappointment of the elections has run deep. This important avenue in the fight against HS2 would have brought fresh hope to the area'. 
But undeterred by this setback, the Wildlife Protection Camp have resolved to continue in it's united mission, to leave no stone unturned and to do everything in its power to stop the continued destruction of HS2.

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