The Journey to Beautiful

April 26, 2019

Photo: Lauren Fleishmann Unsplash

The next article, The Journey to Beautiful has been posted on The Elephant Journal. This article was written from personal experience and tells a story of surviving the media conditioning of the beauty ideal, and how I was able to break free.

The Struggle

I have the metabolism many people envy. Cakes, chips, pies? No problem! it's just never been possible for me to gain weight. But despite the praise for my eating abilities, I have never thought of myself as lucky, as people might imagine. I was suffering from the misery of body dissatisfaction in other ways, I was secretly ashamed of my body hair.
It started in my early teens. The childhood days of living in natural care-free expression were over and had not long been replaced by a new found awkwardness. This turning point resembled a tragic marking of a modern day coming of age. I washed up on the shores of criticism and judgment. Joining the world in the search for perfection ; and there was nothing more imperfect than myself.

The new world was fearful and seemed hostile towards difference. Here I felt starkly concerned by the thoughts and opinions of others, and what these thoughts and opinions might be of me! So, I eagerly joined the crowd, wanting nothing more than to blend in and be accepted. Luckily help was at hand, and the mainstream media kindly displayed  variety of advertising techniques to guide and support me along the way. One day, an understanding began to arise. Somewhere from deep within a sea of accumulated sensory influences. 'As a woman, your body hair is unfeminine and unattractive, and here are the ways you may rid yourself of your hairy afflication'! I was struck by horror. What then was a young and impressionable girl to do? Everything possible, to avoid the fear of ridicule and disgust. So I borrowed my dads razor and set to work.. 

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