Balance the Divine - Part three: Finding the Balance

February 01, 2019

Balance the Divine, is written as a three-part series of articles which together give a complete story. Written from personal experience, I have endeavoured to address the important issue of finding harmony between the divine masculine and divine feminine, inside of ourselves. 

Three of Three: Finding the Balance
I have been living in Glastonbury now for several months and the celebration of the divine feminine is dominant everywhere. From paintings, to books and souvenirs, the shops along the high street are full of things adorning the goddess. Here you can take a workshop in reclaiming the cunt, or wander along to the weekly held wytches market. Never before have I seen or heard of so much praise for women, instead of the criticism that I have been more used to.
I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but I have begun to view femininity in a positive way. Where once I was embarrassed to appear too feminine, I am now happy to express myself in any way that I choose. And the good news is, that I haven’t had to work at it. I now see the deeper purpose to cooking and cleaning (activities I once looked down upon), as uplifting energy work and I am not ashamed to be seen doing it either. Thank you, Glastonbury! The place where the divine feminine energies have been effortlessly enriching. 
But I am now facing a new challenge. In a recent personal struggle, coming to terms with male aggression on social media, I have been left with a feeling of underlying negativity towards men. This anger, towards male dominance and suppression, together with my restored appreciation for womankind, has reversed my feelings of female inferiority, back towards men. The pendulum has swung, and I know this will be the most difficult part of the journey. This hurt runs deep, deeper than the wound of supressing my feminine being. I am dealing with my anger towards this male dominated world, where outwardly, it would seem that men are in control and responsible for much of its destruction. While we sit on the brink of environmental and ecological collapse and bear witness to the horrors of this world, I know that ultimately this isn’t a war on the masculine. Every one of us embodies both the masculine and the feminine, and it is when this balance is out of kilter that much damage is done.  
I have initiated the search for balance, by shining a light on my reactive emotions. Here, I’ve found the cause originated while growing up. While I can say “my mother was like this” and “my father was like that”, I don’t feel the need to address anything with them. They have provided experiences that I am thankful for, and now it is over to me to take responsibility and learn from them. It is only by addressing these feelings in me that I can forgive myself and forgive those who contributed to them.
So, it starts with me, but I have been feeling quite alone in this journey. I haven’t found much external help for cultivating an appreciation for a divine masculine. Perhaps this is a problem in Glastonbury? The wonder and awe of beautiful goddess energy has been an eye-opening experience for me but while I reclaim my feminine power, I feel Glastonbury can make it easy to dismiss men. I strongly feel, that the future of Glastonbury, as a place of physical, emotional and spiritual healing, the heart chakra of the world (some would say), will need to start addressing this balance to allow ourselves to heal completely, and send this energy out into the world.

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